We have a set of guides available based on how you would like to redeem the activation code:

Redeem for yourself (learner)

Redeem for employee (on-behalf)

Redeem as a reseller partner for your customer

For SAP Learning Hub, partner edition subscribers, make sure to use the S-user ID which is registered in the “Manage My Partnership” application. Please keep in mind that on-behalf booking is not accepted.


STEP 1 - User management

When redeeming, login with an existing SAP user ID or you can either perform a new user registration. If you login with an existing SAP user ID, please make sure in the My Account Management section that there is an account assigned to your profile.

STEP 2 - Activation code validation

Use the URL that was provided to you or click here, then enter the provided activation code and click on the “Validate” button. This will check the activation code for license, and validity. If you are having issues with your activation code check that you are correctly copying the activation code from the email, please note that after too many attempts you might see a stop symbol, this means that you need to wait up to an hour to retry the validation. If you are still encountering issues, please submit a ticket using the 'Get Technical Support' button in the help center. 

STEP 3 - Review & Submission

Once the code has been validated, you will be presented with a screen showing the training offering associated to this activation code. If you already have an account ID assigned to your training.sap.com profile you will be presented with your user details. If you do not have an account assigned or wish to redeem against a new account, choose Edit and you have the option to enter new user details. 

If you are performing a new user registration, complete all the fields and click on the 'continue' button. 

NOTE: That the option to use the “Company Details” from the “Activation Code” is pre-selected and pre-filled in.

Once you have reviewed or completed your user details, you will need to review and accept the terms and conditions, then click on the ”Submit” button.

STEP 4 - Order confirmation

Check that the order confirmation page is displayed after the booking is submitted and note the “Order Number” for your reference.

STEP 5 - Access and reporting

As soon as you get your confirmation e-mail you should be able to access your product, by following the links in the email to gain access. Depending on the type of product you redeemed you can also find your training in the “My Training” section of the site, or in the “Subscription access” section. Both accessible from the top right menu after logon. 

If you are a company admin, looking for a report of your activation code usage, this is also found in the top right-hand menu. This will provide an overview of your activation codes, licenses left and learners that have already redeemed. Please note that this section is based on your logged in user permissions, so if you should have access but it is not visible please reach out to your SAP contact or submit a support ticket by clicking on the “Get Technical Support” button. 


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