STEP 1 - Logon & Redemption

Login with an existing SAP user ID or register a new profile. If you login with an existing SAP user ID, please make sure in the My Account Management section that your Education profile is assigned.

For SAP Learning Hub, partner edition subscribers, make sure to log in with the eligible S-user ID for redemption which is registered in the “Manage My Partnership” application.
Please keep in mind that on-behalf booking is not accepted. for more information, please refer to the page of Buyer Information: SAP Learning Hub, Partner Edition.

We have a set of guides available based on how you would like to redeem the activation code.
Please be aware that the online order may take up to 48 hours to process after successful redemption. You will receive a Training Confirmation Letter once your booking has been completed. Please contact the local SAP Training & Adoption team to check your booking status if you did not receive the Training Confirmation Letter.

Refer to the Activation Code redemption Demo video for guidance.


STEP 2 - Access subscriptions

As soon as you receive your confirmation email, you should be able to access your product by following the links on the email. Depending on the type of product you redeemed, you can also find your training in the "My Training" section of the site, or in the "Subscription access" section. Both accessible from the right menu after logon.

The subscriptions also can be accessed via following this guide

Admin role

If you are a company admin, looking for a report of your activation code usage, this is also found in the top right-hand menu. This will provide an overview of your activation codes, licenses left and learners that have already redeemed. Please note that this section is based on your logged in user permissions, so if you should have access but it is not visible please reach out to your local SAP Training and Adoption office, and the contact information can be found at the bottom of

Additional reference

What can I do if I failed to log in? Or How can I log in if I have multiple accounts?

  • Please reset the password following this guide
  • Please clear cache & cookies following this guide
  • Log in with an incognito/private/InPrivate window of the browser following this guide

How can I get an S-user ID or extend the expired S-user ID?

  • The Security manager/Super admin of your company that purchased SAP solutions (some SAP Online store products are not included) can issue or extend an S-user ID for their employee.
    Note: If you do not know if your company purchased SAP solutions or who is the Security manager/Super admin of your company, please contact the CIC team for further support.

How can I change my logon account of the subscription?



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