To access SAP Learning Hub , SAP Learning Systems or SAP Certification, follow these steps:

1. Choose one of the below links

2. Newly register or log in with either the user ID linked to the email address that your subscription confirmation was sent to, or directly with this email address.  

If you are logged in but unable to access any content or you cannot find the expected content, you might have used another user ID with the same email address.

  1. In such case you will be notified on about your other user ID(s).
  2. You can then log off and log on again with the proposed user ID to access the platform.

Note: You can always check the list of your existing user IDs associated with a specific email address on


For access-related inquiries, you can check the FAQs in the SAP Learning Hub Help Center, or contact our support team by choosing the "Request technical assistance" option under the “Contact Us” section (right-hand side).

  1. For order-related inquiries, you can get support from the local SAP Training & Adoption team. Contact details can be found the bottom of this page. Click on the country displayed to see the contact information for that country. 
  2. If you have any questions about SAP Certification, please check the FAQ or contact the Support Team:
  3. If you have any questions about SAP Learning System Access, you can check the FAQs, or contact our support team by choosing the “Live Chat” option or the "Request technical assistance" option under the “Contact Us” section (right-hand side) on SAP Learning Systems home page.
  4. For SAP Learning Hub Onboarding please visit the SAP Learning Hub Onboarding Resource Center. Here you can access activation and enablement resources to help guide you on your SAP Learning Hub journey. Users should enroll in a Learner Enablement Session to learn more about SAP Learning Hub and how to navigate and search for content.

For the best start to your SAP Learning Hub experience, we recommend you visit this page, where you can find further information on how to use SAP Learning Hub.

 To schedule an exam on SAP Certification, follow these instructions:

  1. On SAP Certification, choose “Exam Dashboard” at the top of the screen (if you cannot see it, click on the SAP logo first)..
  2. You will see your subscription(s), including their validity dates.
  3. After clicking “Schedule an Exam”, you will see a list of exams available.
  4. You can also use filters to find the right exam. Narrow down this list by using filters on the right-hand side.
  5. Select an exam and click the calendar icon on the right-hand side to schedule an exam date.
  6. You will receive an email confirmation of the appointment, including further instructions.
  7. Go to the menu point “Exam Appointments” to see a list of the exams you scheduled.
  8. You can cancel or change your exam appointments there.


  • Exams can only be taken within the subscription validity timeframe. (Please make sure you schedule your exam ahead of your license due date to ensure enough time for reservation and technical testing as during peak times you may not find a suitable exam slot on short notice.)
  • For more information about the SAP Certification program, please refer to the information on
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