Course announcements

  • This training is intended to give the user an overview of using the HANA Data Factory for a basic Core Workforce and Mobility Metrics Pack implementation on SAP HANA, using Employee Central as the data source.
  • This includes basic navigation and usage of the WFA application. This also includes the configuration of Measures, Analysis Dimension and Structural Dimensions in the OLAP as outlined in the Core Workforce and Mobility Metrics Pack utilizing Employee Central Data. For Example:
    • Measures: Headcounts, Movements and Annual Salary
    • Structural Dimensions: Location, Supervisor
    • Analysis Dimensions: Age, Gender, Employment Types, Employment Status, Movement Reasons and Tenures
  • Due to the specific nature of many customer requirements, this training cannot cover configuration that falls outside this Metrics Pack. For requirements that sit outside the scope of this document, please contact the Cloud HCM Product Management – Analytics team.
  • This course covers configuration topics and tools that may not be accessible by the customer. Though the course is designed for consultants, customers are welcome to take the course if a deeper understanding of system configuration is desired. Customers should reference the customer-specific instructor-led and self-service (SFALC) offerings and become accredited via the SFX Accreditation program.
  • Only registered SAP Partner consultants will be provided with provisioning rights once they have been certified. Independent consultants, even if certified, will not be provided with provisioning rights. There are no exceptions to this policy.
  • A classroom version of this course is not currently available. The content for this course is only available as a self-paced offering within the Learning Hub.

Course information

  • Introduction to Workforce Analytics and Planning (WFAP):
    • Understand where WFA & WFP fit in the SAP SuccessFactors reporting solution
    • Explain Benchmarks, Input Measures & Results Measures
  • Workforce Analytics Application Usage:
    • Answer basic measure questions using the Analytics module
    • Understand creating Queries and Reports
  • Implementing Core Workforce and Mobility on HANA:
    • Identify Implementation Resources and the steps of the Implementation Methodology
    • Access the main sources of information related to WFA Implementation
    • Overview of Workforce Analytics on HANA
    • Fundamentals of Analytics Cubes and Fact Tables
    • Understanding the WFA on HANA Configuration
    • Post OLAP Configuration Tasks
    • Final Course Test


  • THR80 – SAP SuccessFactors Platform Introduction Academy
  • THR81 - Employee Central Academy
  • HR150 - HANA SQL


  • HRSF1 – SAP SuccessFactors Overview
  • ACT2CL – SAP Activate Methodology: Cloud ··Implementation
  • SFINTRO2 (openSAP) – Human Experience Management (HXM) - The Next Phase of HR
  • BI knowledge & experience -- General knowledge and grasp of Business Intelligence is recommended.
  • SQL (Structured Query Language) knowledge & experience -- WFA on HANA allows for scripts to be written in SQL. Whilst it is valuable to understand these languages, it is not critical to using this guide, as the required syntax will be included in the necessary section.

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