Course announcements

  • Training content for the SAP SuccessFactors customer courses is provided via the SuccessFactors Administrator Learning Center (SFALC). If you do not currently have access to the SFALC, please follow the step by step instructions in the access guide. Please note, you must be a licensed SuccessFactors customer in order to access the SFALC. This content is also available in the HR Solution Edition & Professional Edition of the SAP Learning Hub.
  • This training will provide you with the tools and knowledge to create Calibration Templates, Calibration Sessions, and manage Calibration Settings to effectively use the SuccessFactors Calibration module in your organization.
  • Self-paced offering: Estimated duration is 4.5 hours
  • Private ILT/VLC: Estimated duration is 0,5 day
  • Public VLC: Estimated duration is 1 day, 5 hours per day


  • Configure Calibration Templates to define the data sources and end- user view(s) of the tool
  • Create Calibration Sessions
  • Manage global Calibration Settings
  • Navigate Calibration as the end-user


  • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User



  • HR800 – Introduction to SAP SuccessFactors Administration


  • HR805 - SuccessFactors Foundations and Standard Reporting
  • HRSF1 – SAP SuccessFactors Overview -> ACT1CL – SAP Activate Methodology: Introduction

Course based on software release

  • SuccessFactors HCM Current Version


  • Calibration Overview
  • Calibration Route Map
  • Form Templates Compatible with Calibration
  • Performance Form Sections for Calibration
  • Working with the Calibration Template
  • Configure the Calibration Session
  • Launch Calibration Sessions
  • Manage Calibration Settings
  • Manage Calibration as the End-User


  • This course focuses on Performance Management as the primary data source for use in Calibration.
  • This course spans 5 hours of virtual training.