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ExitCertified Sacramento

8950 Cal Center Drive
Suite 110, Bldg. 1

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“Telepresence classes allow you to receive training in the most convenient training location, even if there may not be enough students to run the class in that city. The class is delivered live by an instructor (via telepresence) in an ExitCertified training facility.

Utilizing a Polycom video conferencing system, students attend that class from other training centers. As a student in Telepresence class, your classroom will have two large 52 inch televisions. On these televisions you will see a live video of the instructor and presentation content. Your instructor will be able to see you as well on a 52 inch television in their location.

You have a full audio feed so you can freely ask questions and participate in the class all the time. The provided computer will allow you to do the class lab exercises in the usual way. Your instructor will have the ability to remote into your lab computer to assist you as needed. “