SAP Learn Now (Tablet M-Learning)

In order for your company to get the most from its SAP investment, your executives need to understand the full potential of your solution - and your users need the right skills to accomplish their daily tasks. That's why SAP Education has launched its first offerings designed specifically for popular Apple and Android tablet platforms - highly interactive, offline courses that enable you to deliver the timely, focused training your organization demands.

SAP Education's Learn Now courses allow learners to learn new SAP skills or improve existing abilities by building offline learning into their schedules. Your people have the flexibility to determine what, where, and when to learn all without the need for an internet connection once the SAP Learn Now course has been downloaded. They can repeat learning units as often as required and control the duration of learning sessions. And your organization can realize significant benefits in reduced travel - and the resulting time and cost savings.

SAP Learn Now courses take full advantage of the Apple and Android tablet platforms to deliver training in a new way, with rich media content such as animated graphics, video and audio lessons. These highly effective instructional elements and simulations are based on authentic situations. By completing these courses, users gain a solid understanding of how to work with SAP solutions and how SAP solutions can support their role-specific business processes and individual objectives - as well as your overall corporate strategy.

Our SAP Learn Now curriculum meets your needs

SAP's Learn Now courses will cater to a wide range of learning styles and subject-matter requirements. Once the full curriculum has been launched, experienced consultants, project team members, support professionals, end users, power users, and executives will find courseware to meet their needs. In addition, individuals can get the training they need without the cost of travel or time out of the office. All courses are based on real-world business scenarios and the latest learning methodologies and technological standards to provide an innovative environment that will enable users to work more productively with the SAP solutions related to their business functions.

SAP Learn Now: training anywhere at any time

Once the SAP Learn Now course has been downloaded onto your tablet device, the training can be taken anywhere and at any time without the need for an internet connection. Whether you are commuting on the train, plane or subway, or have some spare time at home or in the office, SAP Learn Now courses can be taken at a time to suit the individual.

Download the SAP Learn Now app for your respective device and view a demo chapter of TERP2m via:

Apple Store (iPad)
Google Play Store (Android Devices)