Mobile Device Hacking



Mobile Device Hacking

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  • Why you should attend this seminar:
  • This seminar addresses users that would like to get a closer look at mobile devices and their security, especially with the focus of integrating these devices in a company’s infrastructure. Beyond looking at the management, the highly important security issues will be under close examination since these little details might pose a severe security risk. After providing a theoretical background, different security weaknesses are demonstrated using hands-on exercises.


  • SAP Education is proud to present the new Professional Seminars @ SAP series, which offers subject-matter experts the chance to gain further expertise in select topics through knowledge transfer in short sessions which you can attend live or virtually. All seminars are delivered by well-known experts. Don’t miss the chance to meet these experts live, learn from them, and engage in discussion relevant to your work. Agenda
  • General:
    • Properties of mobile devices
    • Administration
    • Attacks:
    • Physical access
    • Hardware Hacks
    • Analyzing the traffic
    • Man-in-the-Middle-Attacks
  • Apple iOS:
    • Security features
    • Mobile Device Management Solutions
    • Jailbreaks
    • Forensic analysis of an iPad
    • Attacking apps via proxy
    • Reverse engineering apps via debugger
  • Google Android:
    • Android's security features
    • Attacking old and up-to-date Android smartphones
    • Emulation of an Android phone
    • What Google knows about you
  • Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc:
    • Exploit ongoing vulnerabilities
    • Security features and protection measures


  • Philipp Buchegger is an IT security consultant with SySS GmbH. In addition to classic penetration test and web applications, his main focus is on iOS security.

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