SAP TM Architecture Fundamentals and Enhancement Concepts

TZTM30 3 days


SAP TM Architecture Fundamentals and Enhancement Concepts

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  • The SAP TM Solution Architect Training is providing technical insight on SAP TM
  • A more detailed overview of the flow of information and data, decision points and an architectural overview on extensibility and overall understanding of user interface capabilities with the floor plan manager.
  • It will guide you to the right points for consistent and powerful extensibility of your overall solution scenario in order to allow faster and more efficient innovation with SAP TM, especially considering business suite scenario and process integration
  • Gain an overview of Process Integration and Enterprise Services delivered as part of SAP TM standard content
  • Identify different possibilities of integrating a TM system with ERP system with or without PI
  • Build a list of steps for the System Readiness Check (ERP, PI and TM)
  • Identify a detailed step by step procedure to enhance an enterprise service end to end


  • This course is intended for Supply Chain Execution Architects, TM technical consultants and technology consultants who want an introduction to the technical aspects of SAP Transportation Management.



  • General understanding of the TM Business Object and Business Model


  • TM100 SAP TM Processes
  • SAPTMr (introduction to Transportation Management)
  • BIT400 SAP Exchange Infrastructure / Process Integration

Course based on software release

  • SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 6
  • SAP TM 9.0
  • SAP PI 7.02


  • SAP TM Architecture - Understand the basic Architecture of SAP TM.
  • Business Object Processing Framework (BOPF) - Understand the concepts of the Framework used for modeling and implementing SAP TM.
  • Floor Plan Manager (FPM) - Understand the basic concepts of Floor Plan Manager and how the SAP TM User Interface is build.
  • Floor Plan Manager BOPF Integration (FBI) - Basic concepts of the Integration between the FPM User Interface and the BOPF-based TM backend application.
  • Conditions - Learn how conditions are used to configure specific TM application behavior.
  • Process Controller - Understand the Usage of Process Controller Strategies and how they help realizing specific TM business logic.
  • Business AddIns (BAdIs) - Understand the Usage of Process Controller Strategies and how they help to adjust the TM application behavior.
  • Further Enhancement Options & Use Cases - Creating and enhancing Print Forms for SAP TM; Enhancing Queries; Creating and enhancing Personal Object Work Lists (POWLs).
  • SAP PI Architecture – Integration of system landscapes now and in the past; architecture of PI that involves components like SLD, ESR, ID, RWB and NWA;
  • Overview of Proxies & Web Services – Comparison on different options possible to connect to an SAP system: RFC, Idoc, Proxy and Webservice
  • Webservice Connectivity (W/ WO PI) – Comparison of different options to integrate ERP and TM (With or Without PI)
  • Landscape Readiness Check – ERP , PI and TM - Steps to performed to verify if a landscape is ready before it can be used
  • TM Enterprise Services – Overview of TM related Enterprise Services delivered as part of SAP Content
  • CIF Overview – Overview of CIF to transfer master data between ERP and TM
  • Order Integration Overview – Overview on Configuration and Testing of Order Integration Scenario
  • Troubleshooting – Root cause analysis of different issues during integration and solving the same
  • End to End ES Enhancement – Discuss the different steps to be performed in PI, ERP and TM to enhance an enterprise service end to end
  • Integration with SAP II - Crossgate – Overview of SAP II and available deployment options
  • TM-PI Integration Case Studies – Overview of typical integration case studies where PI was used


  • After the training you should be able to provide solution architectural guidance in projects.
  • You might want to dive more into development trainings (TZTM31) for the used tools and techniques
  • There are many instructor demonstrations of the thought concepts during the training. There are no hand-on exercises for the participants. If you want to check and enhance your knowledge with hands-on practical exercises please continue with the TZTM31 “SAP TM Technical Deep Dive” training

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