• Previus access on TSCM4e_92 eAcademy


  • The eAcademy TSCM4e consists of following products:
    • SAP129 SAP Navigation (e-learning)
    • SM001 Introduction to SAP Solution Manager (e-learning)
    • TERP01 SAP ERP: Introduction (e-learning)
    • TERP02 SAP ERP: Introduction to SAP NetWeaver
    • TERP51 SAP ERP: Introduction to Processes in Material Planning
    • TERP52 SAP ERP: Introdcution to Processes in Manuf.Execution
    • TSCM40 Planning/Manufacturing I (e-learning + student handbook)
    • TSCM42 Planning/Manufacturing II (e-learning + student handbook)
  • Help Desk Support is provided for the participants to enable them to understand the training material, resolve queries and assist in assignments during the access period. In this timeframe the participants will get access to training systems to work through the exercises and demo scenarios.
  • For more information please contact your local training department.

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