Management Accounting II (including Case Study)

TFIN22 10 days


Management Accounting II (including Case Study)

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  • implement Profit Center Accounting with new general ledger
  • implement Profitability Analysis
  • create reports with Report Painter and Drilldown Reporting
  • implement a bluepring of a business scenario during a Case Study


  • Consultants responsible for implementing Management Accounting



  • Knowledge of Management Accounting (Controlling)
  • TFIN20 (Management Accounting I)
  • TFIN22 contains: E-Learning SM001 (Solution Manager Overview), to be prepared before starting the training course TFIN22


  • None

Course based on software release

  • SAP ERP Central Component 6.0 Enhancement Package 5


  • Profit Center Master Data and Assigning Master Data (in new general ledger)
  • Actual Postings of Profit Centers (in new general ledger)
  • Profitcenter-Planning (in new general ledger)
  • Data Structures of Profitability Accounting
  • Derivation of Profitability Segments
  • Valuation of Value Fields
  • Actual Posting in Profitability Analysis
  • Planning in Profitability Analysis
  • Report Painter
  • Drilldown Reporting
  • integrated Case Study: Implementing a business case scenario , Configuration of Enterprise Structure, Master Data and Business Cases in an SAP-System
  • Review und Preparation of Certification
  • Certification: Certified Application Associate - Management Accounting (CO) with SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 5 covering training courses SAP129, TERP01, TERP22, TFIN20, SM001 and TFIN22


  • TFIN22 is based on a system with active new general ledger. This classroom training also covers functions of the following releases: R/3 4.6, R/3 Enterprise Ext. 1.10/2.00, SAP ERP Central Component 5.0
  • To ensure that you retain the knowledge gained in this course and successfully complete the certification examination at the end of course TFIN22, we recommend that you consolidate the content in your own time after the course.

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