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  • Participants will receive an overview of the SAP HCM Shared Service Framework solution. Course participants learn about the architecture of the SAP HCM SSF solution.


  • Project team members involved in an SAP HCM Shared Service Framework project
  • Consultants with knowledge of the SAP HCM application who are interested in understanding the SAP CRM SSF application in the context of the Shared Service Framework solution
  • Key users involved in an SAP HCM Shared Service Framework project.



  • General knowledge of shared service scenarios
  • SSF100 Shared Services Framework


  • SAPHR SAP ERP Human Capital Management Overview
  • Knowledge of the SAP HCM

Course based on software release

  • SAP ERP 6.0 EhP5
  • SAP CRM 7.0 EhP1


  • Introduction to the SAP HCM Shared Service Framework
  • Architecture of the SAP Shared Service Framework solution and required Business Functions.
  • The Interaction Center Roles and Structure
  • Categories and Surveys
  • Authorizations and Employee Authentication
  • Integration with HCM Processes and Forms
  • Integration with ESS On Behalf


  • This course focuses on the SAP HCM SSF scenario “Employee Interaction Center”. It is recommended that participants attend SSF100 Shared Service Framework Fundamentals prior to attending this course. SSF100 will provide the fundamental basics of SAP CRM Shared Service and will prepare participants to further enhance their knowledge of the SAP HCM Shared Service Framework.
  • This course specifically should help consultants with SAP HCM knowledge better understand the SAP HCM SSF scenario.

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