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  • Participants will get an overview of the SAP Shared Service Framework solution and the technical architecture of the SAP SSF solution. They will learn about central Interaction Center capabilities and how to configure the Interaction Center application for an SAP SSF scenario like “Employee Interaction Center” or “Accounting Interaction Center”.


  • Project team members and key users involved in an SAP Shared Service Framework (SAP SSF) project.
  • Application consultants with knowledge of the SAP Financial or SAP HCM application who are interested in understanding the SAP CRM application in the context of the Shared Service Framework solution



  • General knowledge of shared service scenarios


  • Knowledge of SAP CRM Interaction Center capabilities
  • Knowledge of courses CR100 and CR410
  • Knowledge of the SAP HCM or SAP Financial application

Course based on software release

  • SAP ERP 6.0 EhP5
  • SAP CRM 7.0 EhP1


  • Introduction to the SAP Shared Service Framework (SAP SSF) solution
  • Architecture of the SAP Shared Service Framework solution and required Business Functions.
  • The Interaction Center WebClient application, required functions and the related customizing
  • The Transaction Launcher concept
  • User Interface configuration options
  • Customers, vendors, employees and the organizational structure in the context of SAP SSF
  • Overview of replication options of customers, vendors and employees
  • Service Request Management: basic transaction concept and related customizing
  • Service Requests Management: basic and advanced features of service requests
  • Multilevel Categorization and the impact on service requests, for example service level agreement determination
  • Dispatching of service requests and other options using the Rule Modeler application


  • Though this course introduces both SAP SSF scenarios “Employee Interaction Center” and “Accounting Interaction Center”, its focus is on the SAP CRM application which is a central part of the SAP SSF solution. Participants can use the course as a starting point and – if necessary- deepen their knowledge in the area of SAP CRM.
  • This course specifically will help consultants with SAP ERP knowledge of either the SAP Financial or the SAP HCM application to better understand the SAP CRM application.
  • Courses SSF200 and SSF300 are intended to be logical successors to this course since those courses specifically focus on the “Accounting Interaction Center” or “Employee Interaction Center”.
  • Please note that this course does not focus on other shared service scenarios, such as IT Service Management.