• This course prepares participants to configure the central functions in materials management.


  • Project team members
  • Consultants



  • SCM500 Processes in Procurement
  • SCM510 Inventory Management and Physical Inventory or
  • SCM520 Purchasing or
  • fundamental knowledge in Materials Management

Course based on software release

  • SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 5


  • Introduction to working with customizing projects and the Implementation Guide
  • Global settings in the SAP system
  • Setting up the organizational levels in materials management
  • Settings for master data in materials management
  • Settings for valuation and account assignment, especially account determination
  • Special settings for purchasing, including message determination
  • Special settings for inventory management, including creating a new movement type


  • In this course, selected settings for materials management are discussed. It is assumed that the participants have a good knowledge of processes and transactions in materials management. Attending this course makes sense only if you have prior knowledge of materials management in SAP.

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