• In this course, participants learn about the basic functions of inventory management and the physical inventory.
  • Participants learn how to create different goods movements in the SAP system and, if necessary, take any particular features into consideration.
  • They also become familiar with the special functions of inventory management and the physical inventory, and with the Customizing settings relevant to inventory management and the physical inventory.


  • Project team members
  • Consultants



  • SCM500 Processes in Procurement

Course based on software release

  • SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 5


  • Goods receipt
  • Stock transfers/transfer postings
  • Goods issue
  • Reservations
  • Special forms of procurement (subcontracting, consignment, pipeline)
  • Special forms of material valuation (split valuation, non-valuated material)
  • Physical inventory and special inventory procedures: cycle counting and sample-based physical inventory in SAP
  • Reporting in inventory management
  • Selected customizing-settings for inventory management and physical inventory


  • This course does not cover the structuring of a warehouse and the movements in the Warehouse Management system. These topics are dealt with in the course SCM630 (Warehouse Management). Shipping processing movements are covered in course (Delivery Processes).
  • Batch management in examined in course SCM595 (Batch Management).

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