• have a clear overview about SAP MII;
  • know how to use the SAP MII’s data services, visualization services, business logic services
  • use SAP MII tool to integrate various data from different data sources
  • use SAP MII to connect manufacturing shop floor system and SAP ERP system


  • Solution Consultants from SAP Partners
  • Technical Personnel from SAP MII Customers
  • Solution Consultants from SAP Internal



  • Basic knowledge of web technologies such as HTML, Java Script, XML, XSL, CSS, etc.
  • Basic knowledge of data query development


  • Basic knowledge on manufacturing industry
  • Basic Knowledge on SAP ECC systems

Course based on software release

  • SAP MII 12.2
  • ECC 6.0 EhP6 SP01


  • Introduction to SAP MII
  • SAP MII Administration
  • Using SAP MII Workbench
  • Data Server Configuration
  • Query Template
  • Display Template
  • Manufacturing Operation Dashboard
  • MII Applets
  • Web Scripting with JavaScript
  • MII Reports
  • Business Logic Services
  • Connection to SAP ECC System


  • SCM380 introduces customer into SAP MII
  • In this class we cover all aspects of Manufacturing Integration and Manufacturing Intelligence. Manufacturing Integration allows customers to integrate entire shop floor environment into single place of access, and Manufacturing Intelligence allows to monitor and analyze process within shop floor environment in real-time .
  • This class covers a wide variety of topics from setting up connection to shop floor environment, as well as SAP ERP, creating dashboards, personalizing MII portal, and creating business logic service transactions to perform complex analysis of production process data.
  • SCM380 class has very good ratio of lecture and hands on exercises that allow customers to apply gained knowledge in the training environment under supervision of a knowledgeable instructor.
  • In addition to the class you may have a look at the recorded session SC795r where you can find consulting knowledge transfer on how SAP PCo works with the Shops Floor Equipment to send data from the Shop Floor to SAP ME/SAP MII.