SAP Overview

SAP01 2 days


SAP Overview

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  • Identify SAP Applications and Components
  • Explain basic functionality of SAP Solutions
  • Acquire the mandatory baseline knowledge required before attending more detailed SAP courses


  • Application, Data, Development, Support and Technology Consultants
  • Industry Business Analysts and Consultants
  • Change Managers, Data Managers, Project Managers, Project Stakeholders, and Training Managers
  • Power Users and Unit Testers
  • Systems Architects and IT Support personnel
  • Executives



  • Working knowledge of Microsoft office and Internet browsers


  • Basic knowledge of operational business processes

Course based on software release

  • SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 6
  • SAP NetWeaver W 7.1


  • This course will provide you with an overview of the following topics:
    • Identifying SAP Applications and Components
    • Learn how to navigate within the SAP system
    • Personalizing your screens
    • Exploring SAP’s system-wide concepts
    • Intro. to basic processes in SAP HCM & Payroll
    • Processing procure-to-pay transactions and understanding terminology
    • Streamlining the procurement process with SAP SRM
    • Using PLM to react quickly to customer demands
    • Processing plan-to-produce transactions and understanding terminology
    • Using SAP SCM to manage supply and demand
    • Processing order-to-cash transactions and understanding terminology
    • Using SAP CRM to enhance relationships with customers
    • Recording of business transactions on financial statements
    • Monitoring internal costs using management accounting
    • Using analytics and strategic planning reports
    • Utilizing SAP services to support your implementations


  • SAP01 is also available in a self-paced e-learning format under course code SAP01E. It contains the same content and provides for transaction simulations.
  • This course is also available for iPad under course code SAP01M. Call your local education center to register.

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