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  • Participants receive an introduction into the field of quality management in production, the integration of inspection operations into work scheduling, takt-based inspection, and the creation of partial lots
  • Participants obtain an overview of the possible uses of statistical process control (SPC)
  • Participants are familiarized with the functions for test equipment management


  • Project managers and project team members
  • Persons responsible for quality management tasks in manufacturing



  • PLM412 Quality Planning and Inspection


  • SCM100 Business Processes in Planning (SAP ERP) and
  • SCM300 Business Processes in Manufacturing (SAP ERP)

Course based on software release

  • SAP ERP Central Component 6.06


  • Integration of quality management into manufacturing processes
  • Inspection point processing based on times or quantities
  • Use of SPC techniques
  • Inspection processing for repetitive manufacturing and external processing
  • Partial lot processing and incoming inspection from manufacturing
  • Test equipment management and integration with Enterprise Asset Management


  • The course contents concentrate on the integration of quality management with processes in manufacturing. The training also covers Customizing as well as the application itself.
  • Special topics about quality management processes in the process industry are offered as remote classroom training (VLC). The current offering is available on the Internet at
  • Quality management courses for SAP ERP releases are also suitable for customers with SAP R/3 releases 4.6C and Enterprise 4.7

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