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  • Identify and pursue opportunities to use SAP NetWeaver integration tools and solutions to improve the way your business implements key processes.
  • Provide a conceptual overview of the NetWeaver stack and the included components.


  • People interested in SAP Technology
  • Technical Implementation Team members including:
    • System Administrators
    • Software Developers
    • System Integration Technologists
    • Business Warehousing Experts
  • Web Technologists
    • Project Team Members
    • Consultants



  • First Experience in SAP Navigation
  • Overview of SAP Business Solutions

Course based on software release

  • SAP NetWeaver 7.0


  • Introduction to NetWeaver
  • Unveiling the Application Platform
    • Java: Developing a Web Application
    • ABAP: Using Business Logic
    • Uncovering the Core Architecture
    • Integrating Business Processes
    • Accessing Exchange Infrastructure
    • Using Integration Builder
    • Managing Business Processes
  • Leveraging Business Information
    • Introducing Data Warehousing
    • Collecting and Consolidating Data
    • Decision-Making and Analysis
    • Managing Intellectual Assets
    • Master Data Management
  • Streamlining Access to Information and Tools
    • Using the Portal to Simplify Access
    • Configuring the Portal Platform
    • Configuring Portal Content
    • Configuring Portal Navigation
    • Assigning Portal Content to Users through Roles
    • Leveraging Expertise through Collaboration
  • Making Business Processes Mobile
    • Embracing the Future
    • Managing Technology Life Cycle
    • Extending Functionality
    • Combining Technologies


  • Course length: 8 hours
  • This e-learning contains examples of common technology demands and how SAP NetWeaver meets those demands. The goal is not to learn how to use all the aspects of the NetWeaver stack, but rather to give you an integrated understanding of NetWeaver functionality and how all the component work together to provide an integrated business solution to technology demands.

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