• Position Enterprise Mobility among your stakeholders
  • Describe trends and their impact on the business
  • Design an Enterprise Mobility strategy
  • Identify mobile use cases
  • Describe guidelines in technical and organizational realization of mobility
  • Describe SAP Mobility Strategy
  • Use SAP Best Practices to analyze and choose the best solution architecture option for your mobile use
  • Use SAP Best Practices to build standard and custom applications.


  • Business Executives
  • Business Process Architects
  • Mobility Program/Project Managers
  • Enterprise Mobility Architects
  • Mobile Application Architects



  • No prerequisites


  • No prerequisites

Course based on software release

  • Sybase Unwired Platform, Sybase Afaria, SAP NetWeaver Gateway


  • Introduction to mobility
  • Mobility Planning
  • Transformation in mobility
  • Management of Enterprise Mobility Initiatives
  • User Experience Design for mobile
  • Architecture and technologies for mobile solutions
  • Mobile Security
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Mobility Operations
  • Exercises in form of Enterprise Mobility Case Study


  • This course is an introduction to Enterprise Mobility and identifies best practice in technical and strategic management of Mobility.
  • The class will support strategic decision taking in development of Enterprise Mobility Strategy. It will explain possibilities and Best Practices when implementing platforms, choosing devices and designing architectures. The content is use case driven. Participants learn how to find mobility use case first and then learn how to choose best mobile architecture to support it. Participants will get to know the whole palette of SAP mobile solutions, services and apps,
  • This course is aimed primarily at Business Executives, Mobility Program Managers or Mobility Architects, but can also be attended by Business Process or Mobile Application Developers.