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  • Participants learn the attributes, special features and the syntax of the Java programming language
  • They can implement simple object-oriented applications in Java
  • They can call remote function modules in an SAP system from a java application


  • Developer
  • Consultants



  • Programming knowledge in any programming language


  • Basic knowledge of ABAP, especially about function modules and BAPIs


  • Development tools in the Java 2 Software Development Kit
  • SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio
  • Java data types
  • Operators, expressions and statements
  • Object-oriented programming with Java
  • Inheritance and interfaces
  • Exception handling
  • Collection framework
  • SAP Java Connector
  • Overview of Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE)


  • The course uses the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio as the development environment. All subsequent courses (JAxxx) require that you understand the contents of this course.

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