SAP Enterprise Learning

HR270 3 days


SAP Enterprise Learning

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  • Course participants gain an overview of the roles supported in SAP Enterprise Learning 6.05 including the viewpoint of training administrators, learners, instructors and managers.
  • They become familiar with the Training Management functions for various training methods like classroom trainings, e-learning and blended training.
  • Participants are introduced to the available applications supporting the roles involved in the learning cycle. They will be able to visualize and use the interfaces, including the Administrator Portal, Learner Portal, Instructor Portal and Collaboration Rooms.
  • They also obtain an insight into the technical landscape, possible extensions (XI, Adobe Connect) and the underlying data exchange processes of the SAP Enterprise Learning.
  • Additionally participants will learn about the possible ways to publish e-learning content via the Administrator Portal and the Authoring Environment


  • Managers and employees in HR departments with an interest in Talent Management and personnel development
  • Training managers and administrators
  • Members of training and learning competence centers
  • Project team members



  • HR516R Training and Event Mgmt.Foundations for Enterprise Learning


  • HR050 Business Processes in Human Capital Management and
  • HR505 Organizational Management

Course based on software release

  • SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 5
  • SAPNW Enterprise Portal 7.0 Enhancement Package 2
  • SAP Enterprise Learning Enhancement Package 5
  • SAP Authoring Environment 605


  • Training Management
  • Administrator Portal, Instructor Portal and Learning Portal including Content Player
  • Technical overview
  • SAP Enterprise Learning functions and the roles and people involved
  • Authoring environment


  • E-learning course content development and management is not part of this course. These topics are discussed in detail in course HR272.

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