• This course will prepare you to develop and optimize ABAP applications that access data stored in the SAP HANA Database.


  • Primary target audiences for this training are developers and development consultants but also other roles involved with implementing or reviewing program code to optimize ABAP based applications for SAP HANA.



  • The course participants should fulfill the following knowledge:
  • HA100 (HANA overview)
  • BC400 (ABAP Workbench)
  • BC401 (ABAP Objects)
  • BC402 (Advanced ABAP)
  • Experience ABAP Programing ( procedure + object oriented)
  • Open SQL (joins, view, aggregations)


  • HA150 SQL Basics for SAP HANA

Course based on software release

  • SAP HANA 1.0 SPS05 (Revision 45)


  • Technical SAP HANA concepts
  • Optimization of classical ABAP in HANA Context
  • Analysis Tools (Runtime Analysis, Code Inspector, SQL Trace)
  • SQL Performance Rules of ABAP for HANA
  • Implementing ABAP report on HANA using ADBC (ABAP Data Base Connectivity)
  • Consuming HANA views in ABAP
  • Creating HANA views and Consuming in ABAP


  • HA400 will be available April 2013.