• This course builds on the skills acquired in the classes HA100 and HA300 (or its E-Learning equivalents HA100E and HA300E). It allows students to practice their knowledge along a realistic scenario with data sets of 40+ million records and help them learn performance optimized modeling. The course will enable you to
    • gain hands-on experience in modeling on SAP HANA
    • experience SAP HANA with large data sets
    • deepen your knowledge on advanced HANA features
    • prepare practically for the SAP HANA certification exams in addition to the required courses
  • After the 2-day instructor guided class, students will have access to the training system for additional 5 days in order to gain further hands-on experience.


  • This interactive course is targeted for consultants, modelers, and project team members seeking to gain practical experience with SAP HANA.
    • Application and modeling consultants
    • Project team members




  • Reporting and analytics experience
  • Experience in data modeling
  • Basic understanding of business system landscapes
  • Basic understanding of SQL

Course based on software release

  • SAP HANA 1.0 SPS06


  • During the 2-day instructor guided hands-on lab, participants are presented with challenging and use-case oriented exercises to build a realistic scenario. The instructor provides guidance and is available to support students and to help them with tips and tricks.
  • The course covers the following contents;
    • Advanced SAP HANA modeling on large data sets (analytic, attribute and calculation views, procedures)
    • Text Joins
    • CE functions
    • Fuzzy Search on structured and unstructured data
    • XS Engine and UI Toolkit
    • Performance exercises
    • Predictive Analytics


  • This course includes 2 days of instructor guided class (physical or virtual) and additional 5 days of training system access. During the post class time the students have also access to a SAP Streamworks environment that allows gathering support for course related questions.
    • Days 1 – 2: Instructor guided class
    • Days 3 – 7: Training system access