• Implement information models with the SAP HANA Studio
  • Define the security from a modeler's perspective
  • This course is for consultants, project team members, and data modelers who want to optimize reporting performance using SAP HANA. It builds on the introduction provided in the HA100 or HA100e course, and deals with more advanced modeling and structuring techniques.
  • You will also learn how to maintain security and authorizations, and how to manage modeling content.


  • Application Consultants
  • Project team members
  • Data Modeling Consultants



  • Basic knowledge of SAP HANA
  • The HA100 course provides a good understanding of SAP HANA and it is mandatory for participants who want to attend this course.


  • Basic knowledge of row and column table storage
  • First experience in data modeling
  • Basic SQL knowledge
  • Basic understanding of SAP Business Objects BI products

Course based on software release

  • SAP HANA 1.0 SPS07 (Revision 70)


  • Approaching SAP HANA modeling
  • Connecting tables
  • Using Graphic Modeling Tools
  • Using SQL Modeling Tools
  • Other Modeling Features, including
    • Decision Tables
    • Geospatial Data
  • Using Text Search and Analysis
  • Managing modeling content
  • Security and Authorizations
  • Introduction to the Application Function Library