SAP NetWeaver Gateway - Building OData Services

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SAP NetWeaver Gateway - Building OData Services

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  • Understand the various development and installation options for SAP NetWeaver Gateway
  • Explain what functionality SAP NetWeaver Gateway do and does not provide
  • Understand how to generate a Gateway Service starting from an RFC ABAP Function Module or an Object from the Business Object Repository
  • Develop from scratch your own Gateway Service in ABAP
  • Consume a Gateway Service using either a Java application or a JavaScript (browser) based application


  • ABAP application developers
  • Business Process developers



  • BC400: ABAP Programming
  • Knowledge of the ABAP Developer Workbench (txn SE80) and the ABAP Data Dictionary
  • High-level understanding of web based communication (i.e. HTTP)


  • Knowledge of Java, JavaScript and HTML is useful

Course based on software release

  • SAP NetWeaver Gateway 2.0 SP03


  • Introduction to Gateway
  • Introduction to REST
  • Introduction to OData
  • Using the BOR Generator Wizard - QUERY & READ
  • Using the BOR Generator Wizard - CREATE & UPDATE
  • OData Channel Programming (Read only)
  • Monitoring Gateway Services
  • OData Channel Programming (Update)
  • Testing the UPDATE & DELETE operations
  • Front-end Application Development
  • Consuming a Gateway Service using Java
  • Develop a Java Application to Consume a Gateway Service
  • Consuming a Gateway Service using JavaScript
  • Develop a JavaScript Application to Consume a Gateway Service
  • Develop an iPhone Application (Demo only)


  • This course is aimed at primarily at ABAP developers, but can also be attended by Business Process developers. The first Gateway Services to be developed on this course will not require any knowledge of ABAP coding because a generator tool is used. However, for the development of Gateway Services for more complex or advanced functionality, custom coding is required – hence the need for ABAP development knowledge.
  • This course will also cover the consumption of a Gateway Service. This is a completely distinct development process that can be performed using any programming language or development toolset with which the developer is comfortable. Due to the very wide range or possibilities here, this course will focus only on Gateway Service consumption using first a Java application and secondly a browser based application using JavaScript and HTML5.
  • Due to time constraints, this course will not cover more advanced topic in Gateway Service development such as deep inserts ($expand command in OData) or pushing business events from SAP Workflow out to a client.
  • Format: Lecture: Lecture: 50% Hands-on exercises: 50%

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