• Configure and use wave management and two-step picking in SAP Extended Warehouse Management.
  • Set up yard management and transportation planning.
  • Configure value added services, kitting and quality management in EWM.
  • Describe the cross-docking possibilities, the connection to RF-devices and automatic warehouses
  • Set up the integration of production supply and direct outbound deliveries in EWM.


  • Project leaders
  • Project team members
  • Consultants



  • EWM110 SAP Extended Warehouse Management Customizing


  • EWM100 SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Course based on software release

  • SAP ERP 6.0 EhP5
  • SAP SCM 7.0 EhP1


  • Extend working with deliveries by waves and cross-docking
  • Expand warehouse processes through yard management and transportation planning
  • Optimize resources
  • Control physical movements
  • Production integration, quality inspections and serial numbers
  • Analytics in Extended Warehouse Management


  • Please do not enroll for this course unless you have fulfilled the prerequisites.

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