Sybase IQ Advanced Administration

EDB795 4 days


Sybase IQ Advanced Administration

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  • Implement an optimum server configuration through the use of disk striping, proactive memory allocation and advanced database options
  • Understand the Information Lifecycle Management process
  • Identify index problems and learn the steps to resolve index fragmentation
  • Create, load and export Large Object data in Sybase IQ 15
  • Understand the use of Sybase IQ Monitor facilities and other utilities
  • Understand the effects of creating system logins, nodes, dbspaces and objects in a Multiplex environment
  • Learn how to move data across different Sybase IQ 15 platforms
  • Use Kerberos authentication to create a single sign-on, secure environment
  • Understand the process involved when employing data encryption
  • Extract and load data into Sybase IQ from a variety of external remote sources
  • Recover a corrupt database / server
  • Describe the best practices in administering Sybase IQ 15


  • Sybase IQ Administrators



  • Understanding of database concepts and database fundamentals
  • EDB785 Sybase IQ Administration
  • 2-4 years DBA experience


  • None


  • Advanced Administration Overview
  • IQ Server Advanced Configuration
  • Information Lifecycle Management
  • Sybase IQ Index Maintenance
  • Large Object Management
  • Advanced Monitoring
  • Advanced Multiplex Management
  • Advanced Data Load Processing
  • Advanced Security
  • Remote Data Access
  • Advanced Troubleshooting
  • Best Practices


  • Discover proactive measures in managing and administering Sybase IQ 15. Expand your knowledge of configuring Sybase IQ through advanced server settings and database options. Learn the techniques of optimizing storage capacity that results in an overall enhanced query performance. Understand the strategies of implementing Information Lifecycle Management to allow the capture, consolidation and partitioning of vast and growing volumes of real-time and historical data with the goal in mind of improving reporting and risk management. Become very familiar with advanced index maintenance concepts and gather the skills required to manage large object data.
  • You will also gain expert knowledge in monitoring Sybase IQ 15 through the use of system procedures and utilities. Expand your understanding of managing a Multiplex environment from the creation of system logins, to the management of nodes, storage and objects and the effects of multi- node transactions. The course covers advanced techniques and methodology in managing server and data security, including Kerberos authentication to implement the single sign-on feature and data encryption functions. Finally, you will learn to use the procedures needed to access remote data and resolve database corruption problems. All labs will be performed on Sybase IQ 15.1.
  • This course is also offered through Sybase Education, please check EDB795 on the Sybase catalog.

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