Sybase IQ for Developers

EDB775 4 days


Sybase IQ for Developers

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  • Identify basic principles of Sybase IQ architecture and understand key concepts
  • Recognize differences between Sybase IQ SQL and other SQL dialects
  • Load data into Sybase IQ from multiple data sources
  • Create procedures to interact with Sybase IQ and system stored procedures
  • Create and call a User Defined Function to perform in-database analytics
  • Explain the benefits of using OLAP analytical functions
  • Understand and analyze Query Plans to help design queries for optimal performance
  • Use indexes to further optimize queries
  • Understand the basics of modeling using Sybase PowerDesigner
  • Use Sybase PowerDesigner to assist Data Modelers with SQL-related modeling tasks


  • SQL Developers and Modelers



  • Understanding of column-based database concepts
  • including data warehouse design
  • Familiarity with Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • General understanding of data modeling concepts


  • None


  • Sybase IQ 15.1 Overview and Architecture
  • Using Interactive SQL
  • Introduction to Sybase IQ SQL Language
  • Creating Tables and Indexes
  • Loading Data In and Out of Sybase IQ
  • Understanding Functions and Procedures
  • Manipulating and Analyzing Data
  • Using Query Plans
  • Sybase PowerDesigner 15.1 Overview
  • Using Sybase PowerDesigner
  • Working with the PowerDesigner Repository


  • Learn Sybase IQ 15.1 architecture and concepts to gain a better understanding of how Sybase IQ differs from other databases before beginning to develop custom SQL applications. You will learn how to use Sybase IQ SQL and its differences from other SQL dialects. Hands-on labs will re-enforce the use of various SQL commands to build tables and load data into Sybase IQ tables, develop and execute stored procedures, create batches and write a variety of customized scripts. You will then create user defined functions and use OLAP principles to analyze data and Query Plans, all of which will help you understand how to evaluate your query performance and therefore determine ways to optimize badly performing queries. The goal is to identify ways of structuring and planning queries that will result in more effective and efficient SQL programming for Sybase IQ.
  • The course will also cover an overview of Sybase PowerDesigner for modeling data warehouse databases with a focus on the SQL development related tasks and activities that a data warehouse SQL developer should know in order to make valuable contributions in a data modeling project team.
  • This course is also offered through Sybase Education, please check EDB775 on the Sybase catalog.

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