• Understand and use the Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure (MAI) for monitoring the system landscape with SAP Solution Manager
  • Setup and Configure the monitoring types System Monitoring, Connection Monitoring, End-user Experience Monitoring, BI- and PI Monitoring
  • Use the features of the Technical Monitoring Work Center
  • Use the Technical Reporting options (EWA, SL Reporting, Interactive Reporting)


  • Solution Architects
  • System Administrators
  • Service and Support Consultants
  • Technical Consultant



  • SM100 SAP Solution Manager Configuration for Operations


  • None

Course based on software release

  • SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP8


  • Technical Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager 7.1 - Overview
  • The Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure (MAI)
  • The Monitoring Templates
  • Setup of System Monitoring
  • Using the System Monitoring
  • Configuring Work Mode Management and Notification Management
  • Using the Alert Inbox
  • Configure and using Connection Monitoring
  • Configure and using Interface Channel Monitoring
  • Configure and using End-user Experience Monitoring
  • Configure and using BI-Monitoring
  • Configure and using PI-Monitoring
  • Technical Reporting (EarlyWatch Alerts, Service Level Reporting, Interactive Reporting)
  • SAP IT Infrastructure Management
  • SAP Mobile Apps for the Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure (MAI)
  • Configure and using SAP Solution Manager Self-Monitoring


  • The course does not introduce SAP Solution Manager fundamentals.
  • The course does not introduce the installation and setup process of Solution Manager Diagnostics
  • To ensure the learning process and to pass the certification ( T_ E2E12_718) at the end of this course, it is recommended to have done the E2E100 course first, and to deepen the knowledge in regards to the taught content through self-study, which should take place outside of the regular course hours
  • The course material is only available in English language