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  • Provides the various tasks of the system administration for systems that are based on SAP NetWeaver AS Java 7.31.
  • Learn about the basic activities that affect SAP NetWeaver AS Java 7.31.


  • Technology Consultants
  • SAP System Administrators



  • ADM200 or good knowledge of AS Java 7.0 Administration


Course based on software release

  • SAP NetWeaver 7.30 EHP 1


  • Fundamentals
    • Describing the Fundamental Concepts of Java
    • Describing the Architecture of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server
    • Outlining the Java Cluster Architecture
    • Describing the Internal Structure of SAP NetWeaver AS Java
    • Evaluating the Options for Load Balancing in the Application Server Java Environment
  • Start and Stop Procedure
    • Starting and Stopping an SAP NetWeaver AS Java
    • Evaluating Tools for Starting and Stopping
    • Operating Java Startup and Control Framework
    • Analyzing Logs of Start and Stop Process of SAP NetWeaver AS Java
  • Basic Configuration
    • Listing Administration Tools
    • Maintaining Basic Configuration of AS Java with the Config Tool
    • Configuring AS Java with SAP NetWeaver Administrator
    • Maintaining Properties of the Central Services
  • Secure Infrastructure
    • Describing Network Security
    • Setting Up SSL
  • User and Authorization Administration
    • Configuring the User Management Engine (UME)
    • Maintaining Users and Groups
    • Managing Java Authorization
    • Administrating Special Principles
    • Configuring Logon Procedure of the AS Java
  • Java Connector and Destinations
    • Creating Connections to Other Systems
    • "Creating Connections to Other Systems with the
    • Java Connector Architecture
  • Change Management and Software Logistics
    • Describing the Standard Java EE Development Process
    • Describing SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure
    • Preparing the Development of Java Applications
    • Developing Java Objects in SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio
    • Transporting Java Developments
  • Monitoring
    • Monitoring SAP NetWeaver AS Java
    • Connecting to a Central Monitoring System
    • Configuring Availability Monitoring
    • Operating Log Viewer and Performing Log Configuration
    • Performing Monitoring Using SAP Solution Manager
  • Software Maintenance
    • Preparing for Software Maintenance
    • Describing Java Support Packages, Stacks, and Patches
    • Importing Corrections with SUM for AS Java
    • Importing Corrections with JSPM
    • Performing Backup Up AS Java


  • Please note that the documents of ADM800 (AS Java 7.3 –Administration) will be used. Only topics with differences between AS Java 7.0 and 7.3 will be addressed. This course only adresses release 7.3.