SAP Business Architect by Software AG

BPM130 2 days


SAP Business Architect by Software AG

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Course announcements

  • Gain knowledge about SAP Enterprise Modeling applications by Software AG and learn how it complements the Business Process Management capabilities of SAP solutions.


  • Learn how to use ARIS Business Architect for SAP NetWeaver within project situations.
  • Understand the core concepts like ARIS house, static and dynamic perspectives, linking (vertical and horizontal navigation within the process repository), basic administration, filters and templates.
  • This course also covers the concepts regarding synchronization with ARIS and SAP Solution Manager.


  • Solution Architects, Business Consultants, Application Consultants, Business Analysts



  • None


  • SAP01 SAP Overview
  • or Fundamental understanding of SAP
  • SAPNW SAP NetWeaver Overview
  • or Fundamental understanding of SAP NetWeaver
  • BPM100 (Business Process Management Methodology)

Course based on software release

  • SAP Business Architect by IDS Scheer (ARIS 7.2)


  • Reasons and methods for business process modeling
  • Integration within process lifecycle management
  • ARIS tools portfolio
  • Necessary roles for business process modeling and management
  • Central ARIS concepts
    • Project setup
    • ARIS house
    • Linking: horizontal and vertical navigation
  • Dynamic perspective: Value added chain diagrams and event driven process chains
  • Static perspective: organization chart, terms, functions, entity relationship modeling
  • Synchronization with the SAP Solution Manager


  • This training session BPM130 SAP Business Architect by Software AG is one of the courses in the BPX for associate Curriculum, which result in a BPX associate certification
  • The course material is only available in English.

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