• Create and format a dashboard
  • Add interactivity to allow a user to control the data displayed in a dashboard
  • Connect your dashboard to live data sources


  • Business Analysts
  • Report Designers



  • Windows conventions
  • Basic computer skills and database concepts
  • Microsoft Excel


  • Familiarity with BusinessObjects Enterprise, Crystal Reports, or Live Office
  • Ability to create summarized data from tabular data
  • Experience creating database queries

Course based on software release

  • SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards


  • Create a dashboard
  • Format a dashboard
  • Add interactivity to a dashboard
  • Create a connected dashboard


  • SAP BusinessObjects™ Dashboards 4.0 enables you to transform Excel workbooks into captivating dashboards with the ability to provide interactive what–if analysis. Use Dashboards to build engaging dashboards for executives and business users. Dashboards provide insight into complex data and deliver confidenc e to those who the dashboard to make decisions.
  • As a business benefit, you will be able to connect your dashboards to any data source and provide everyone in your organization with up–to–the–minute personalized data. You’ll manage multiple data sources by controlling all live data connections from one central interface. You will improve your productivity by manipulating and linking your data to visually compelling analytics in a single design.