SAP BusinessObjects Profitability and Cost Management 7.0: Advanced Topics in Model Building

BOA350 5 days


SAP BusinessObjects Profitability and Cost Management 7.0: Advanced Topics in Model Building

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  • This five-day instructor-led offering is designed to give you the comprehensive skills and detailed knowledge needed to utilize advanced model building techniques within the Profitability and Cost Management application.
  • You should take this course to learn how to write rules using the appropriate syntax, design efficient rules, limit the scope of rule calculation, create user defined rules, and use item properties. In relation to book scripting, you will cover topics such as advanced book design techniques, complex relationships between objects, and performance of validation and update in books using VBScript techniques.
  • The use of advanced model dimensions and best practice techniques in model design are also covered in this course.


  • The target audience for this course is those who require in-depth knowledge of model design techniques when using Profitability and Cost Management.



  • * Prerequisite Education: (To be successful, you should have completed the following offering)
  • BusinessObjects Profitability and Cost Management 7.0: Fundamentals in Model Building * Prerequisite Knowledge/Experience: (Experience with these products and technologies will be helpful)
  • VBScript
  • Model building within Profitability and Cost Management


  • Using advanced dimensions
    • List the basics of using advanced dimensions
    • Use dimension functionality within a model
  • Using advanced rules
    • Use basic VBScript to write rules
    • Improve rule efficiency
    • List the order of calculation for a value
    • Create rules for Versions, Periods, and Responsibility Centers
  • Working with book objects
    • Describe the relationships between objects
    • Control objects using methods, properties, and events
  • Writing book script
    • Describe the functions of book objects
    • Define relationships between objects
    • Link books using the Model Object
  • Performing model optimization
    • Link models using cross-model rules
    • List the benefits of model partitioning
    • Use CalculateSlice
    • Work with model calculation options
    • Use model statistics


  • Additional Education
    • Not applicable for this offering.
  • Applicable Certification
    • Not applicable for this offering.

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