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  • • This course prepares participants to explain the fundamental terms and concepts in SAP Business Workflow and to make the appropriate settings for workflow processing. • Participants learn how to find and activate business processes that are delivered by SAP (workflow templates). • In the course, they also set up an organizational workflow model, process work items, and evaluate runtime tables.


  • • Project managers • Project team members • Consultants



  • Essential • Fundamental experience using SAP systems Recommended • SAPTEC Fundamentals of SAP Web AS • SAP01 SAP Overview

Course based on software release

  • SAP ERP Central Component 6.0


  • • Workflow terminology • Use of workflow and workflow templates • Basic Customizing settings in the SAP Business Workflow system • Inboxes: o Possible inboxes for work items o Defining substitutes o Processing work items • Architecture: o Workflow components o Activating templates • Determining agents using Organizational Management o Terminology o Structure of organizational units, positions, and jobs • Reporting


  • • The course does not cover how to build customer-specific workflows. • This course is not an introductory course. The units on reporting, Customizing, and inboxes are discussed in BIT600 (SAP Business Workflow – Concepts, Inboxes, Reporting and Template Usage) only.

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