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  • This course will prepare you to develop screen-based user dialogues


  • Developer
  • Development Consultant




  • BC430
  • ABAP programming experience

Course based on software release

  • SAP NetWeaver 7.30 EHP 1


  • Introduction to Screen Programming
    • Describing the General Aspects
    • Introducing Screens
    • Creating Screens and Screen Elements
    • Modifying Screens at Runtime
    • Defining Screen Sequence
    • Calling a Dialog Box Dynamically
  • The Program Interface
    • Setting a GUI-Title
    • Setting a GUI-Status
  • Simple Screen Elements
    • Defining Screen Elements for Output
    • Defining Input Fields for Input and Output
    • Defining Checkboxes for Input and Output
    • Defining Pushbuttons for Input and Output
  • Screen Error handling
    • Handling Errors using Dialog Messages and Field Input Checks
    • Handling Errors using Navigation and Input Helps
  • Sub screens
    • Defining Sub screens
  • Tab strip Controls
    • Defining Tab strip Controls
    • Modifying Tab strip Controls
  • Table Controls
    • Defining Table Controls
    • Modifying Table Controls at Runtime
    • Changing Table Controls at Runtime
  • Context Menus
    • Implementing Context Menus


  • The course BC410 is also suitable for participants who are using a release older than the one specified (at least SAP R/3 4.6C).
  • Dynpros (screens) build SAP's classical UIs. They are used for those dialogs that are displayed in the SAP GUI, and they will continue to be used.
  • Since SAP NetWeaver 7.0, the ABAP Web Dynpro programming model is available - see courses NET310 (ABAP Web Dynpro Basics) and NET311 (Advanced ABAP Web Dynpro).
  • For Floor Plan Manager see course: NET313.

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