ABAP AS Authorization Concept

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ABAP AS Authorization Concept

Virtual Live Classroom
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  • Learn about the elements, strategies, and tools of the SAP authorization concept
  • Create and assign authorizations using the Role Administration / Profile Generator
  • Principle usage of the NWIdm (Netweaver Identity Management) and Central User Administration (CUA)


  • Project team member
  • User/authorization administrators from system administration and user departments



  • SAPTEC (Fundamentals of SAP NetWeaver Application Server)
  • or SAP01 (SAP Overview)
  • or relevant experience in using an SAP system


  • Basic or advanced courses in at least one application area

Course based on software release

  • SAP NetWeaver 7.0


  • - Introduction - Elements of the SAP authorization concept - User master record - Using the Role Administration/Profile Generator (roles, composite roles, reference roles, derived roles, Customizing roles) - Profile Generator: installations and upgrades - Access control and user administration (password rules, special users, user and authorization administration) - Trace/analysis and monitoring functions - Troubleshooting and Administration Aids and Special authorization components - Transport of authorization components - *) snapshot/overview of NWIdm (Netweaver Identity Management); Central User Administration (CUA); Integration with organizational management, with reference to an example (without structural authorization in HR)


  • The concepts explained here are demonstrated using SAP ECC. For the most part, however, they can be applied to other components.
  • A fundamental knowledge of the SAP environment is essential for this course.
  • * := That are topics from the appendix/voluntary part

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