• Developing a suitable SAP system landscape with a client concept
  • Explaining the methodology, concepts, and tools in SAP software logistics
  • Managing and transporting Customizing and Workbench transport requests
  • Managing clients
  • Using the SAP Note Assistant, applying SAP Support Packages, and explaining what happens during an SAP system update and upgrade


  • System Administrator
  • Technology Consultant



  • ADM100 Administration AS ABAP I


  • Experience with the Transport Management System

Course based on software release

  • SAP ERP 6.05
  • Oracle 11g


  • Introduction to SAP software logistics
    • Describing the SAP system landscape
    • Describing the client concept
    • Setting up system and client change options
  • Setting up an SAP system landscape
    • Setting up the transport management system (TMS)
    • Describing extended transport control
  • Transport request creation and export
    • Customizing and customizing projects
    • Transporting requests for customizing
    • Performing customizing procedures
    • Transporting requests for development
    • Developing customer programs
    • Modifying SAP objects
  • Importing transport request
    • Outlining the transport process
    • Importing using TMS
    • Outlining the QA approval procedure and transport proposals
    • Discussing the import process
    • Identifying the tools for monitoring transport activity
    • Cleaning up the transport directory
  • Enhanced Change and Transport System (CTS+)
    • Configuring a change and transport system for transporting non- ABAP objects
    • Transporting non-ABAP objects
  • Client tools
    • Outlining client copy and transport tools
    • Performing client copy
    • Performing a client transport
    • Deleting a client and monitoring client copies
    • Describing client compare and adjustment tools
  • SAP Note Assistant, SAP Support Packages, SAP Enhancement Packages and SAP System Upgrade
    • Describing the SAP Note Assistant
    • Describing SAP Support Packages
    • Updating a three system landscape
    • Describing SAP enhancement packages and SAP system upgrade
  • Change request management with SAP Solution Manager
    • Describing change request management
    • Explaining the use of projects in change request management and important configuration steps
    • Describing the process flow in change request management


  • We recommend that you attend this course as soon as possible after the initial installation of your SAP system.

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