• Understand the SAP ABC concept
  • Knowledge of using templates
  • Customizing the template allocation procedure


  • Project team members responsible for the SAP system implementation of Activity-Based Costing
  • Project team members who want to use the possibilities of Activity- Based Costing selectively without implementing Activity-Based Costing (ABC) company-wide
  • Persons who are interested in allocating processes or activity types using the template allocation procedure



  • AC040 Business Processes in Management Accounting (Controlling)
  • AC405 Cost Center and Internal Order Accounting


  • AC412 Cost Center Accounting: Extended Functions
  • AC505 Product Cost Planning
  • AC605 Profitability Analysis

Course based on software release

  • R/3 4.7


  • ABC concept as a cost management method
  • Template allocation procedure: user-friendly allocation according to cause of activity types and processes according to any criteria (resource driver and cost driver)
  • Master data in Activity-Based Costing
  • Quantity and value flow between cost centers and processes
  • Quantity and value flow between processes and cost objects or result objects (actual and plan)
  • Periodic tasks
  • Information system
  • Customizing Activity-Based Costing
  • Functions and environments for templates


  • This course also discusses the functions of the following SAP releases: R/3 4.6, R/3 Enterprise Ext. 1.10.

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