Why is SAP certification valuable?

IDC research identifies a strong correlation between “top-tier” performance and certification. In fact, organizations with 40-50% of their team certified performed in the top 20% of all organizations. Thus, it is not surprising that results from an SAP survey of our global user group show that 80% are interested in having their workforce certified. In addition, 60% of our respondents also affirmed that certification is used as a selection criteria for implementation projects.

Features of SAP E-Academies

Whether you’re a consultant, an implementation project team member, or part of a center of excellence, SAP E-Academies will help you learn whenever and from wherever you want, making more efficient use of your time and saving time and travel costs. You’ll have access to:

Online learning content. Course content is delivered in an e-learning format consisting of presentation slides with audio commentary, system demonstration and practice simulations, slide notes, and mentor tips. This format offers you the flexibility to learn on your own and at your own pace. If you need to, you can repeat at any time throughout the access period.

SAP training systems. Hands-on experience with SAP systems is a key component of SAP E-Academy training. Whether you’re repeating a demonstration shown in the e-learning content, performing a hands-on exercise from the student manual, or just testing a process scenario from your own business experience; you have access to live training systems to reinforce your learning.

Student manuals. When you register for an SAP E-Academy, you’ll receive access to an electronic version of the academy course manual.

Help desk support. SAP E-Academies contain help desk support during the learning access period. We’ll respond to all queries within 24 hours, Monday through Friday. In addition, students receive technical support for their learning environment as well as the use of FAQs and "Ask the Expert" features, which are part of the content delivery infrastructure. If necessary, online support is available via web conferencing and scheduled expert instructor sessions.

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Customer Testimonials

“The SAP E-Academy is a very well structured and informative way to attain the knowledge and experience to become a SAP Certified Consultant. I was able to undertake the program at SiERP in North Sydney in a flexible manner to fit around my daily commitments. The learning environment is top notch and the online support to clarify doubts is extremely efficient. I have undergone the TERP10 Certification Course and ABAP & NETWEAVER 2004 course. It is definitely worthwhile and excellent value for money and time.” Komal Saint, SAP Consultant

“I am proud to say that I completed my certification through SAP E-Academy. To me, learning SAP through E-Learning is a kind of self study. Though it looked tough in the beginning, it was exciting to learn and explore the system by myself. Self confidence in the subject is a definite take home when you do E-Learning, provided you put in the necessary efforts.” Sakthy Murali, FICO Consultant