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We know that as busy professionals you and your staff can’t always fit in traditional scheduled training. SAP's self-paced curriculum caters to a wide range of learning styles and subject-matter requirements. Experienced consultants, project team members, support professionals, end users, power users, and executives will find courseware to meet their needs that are accessible anytime, anywhere.

SAP E-Learning (single course access)

SAP E-Learning (single course access) is an ever-growing catalog of e-learning offerings - highly interactive, Web-based courses that enable you to take and deliver the timely, focused training your organization demands. E-learning students decided when and where they will access their training and can repeat learning units as many times and as often as needed. Each E-Learning course is available for six months. Your organization will realize significant time and cost savings due to the reduction in required travel when utilizing e-learning.

E-learning courses include highly effective instructional elements and simulations based on real-world business scenarios. By completing these courses, users gain a solid understanding of how to navigate SAP solutions and how SAP solutions can support their role-specific business processes and individual objectives - as well as your overall corporate strategy.

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SAP E-Academy

SAP E-Academy is an e-learning solution based course bundle to enable students to achieve expertise in specific SAP solution areas or prepare for a certification exam. With SAP E-Academies students are provided between one (1) and five (5) months of access to a self-paced learning environment enabling them to access:

  • Online Learning Content - Course content is delivered in an e-learning format consisting of presentation slides with audio commentary, system demonstration/practice simulations, slide notes, and mentor tips.
  • SAP Training Systems - The student can use the live training systems hands-on to test their own business process scenarios, complete exercises from their student manual and view demonstrations.
  • Student Manuals - Each registered student will receive access to an electronic version of the academy course manual.
  • Help Desk Support - Help desk support is available throughout your learning access period, with all queries being answered within 24 hours Monday-Friday. Students get technical support for their learning environment as well as the use of FAQs and "Ask the Expert" features.
  • Live Support - On-line support is available via web conferencing, and scheduled expert instructor sessions.
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SAP Learning Hub

Unlimited cloud-based access to a comprehensive SAP skill-building knowledge base including

  • self-paced digital learning content, such as learning journeys, and e-books.
  • expert-led social learning forums.
  • access to preconfigured training systems for real-world practice.

Choose SAP Learning Hub, professional edition, covering a vast number of SAP solutions with optional SAP Live Access ideal for customers who have two or more SAP applications. Or if you require training in a single SAP application area SAP Learning Hub, solution editions offers this focus, plus features 10 hours of SAP Live Access. Solution editions available for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, cloud and data platforms, procurement and networks, analytics, customer engagement and commerce, IOT and digital supply chain, human resources, and finance.

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