SAP Solutions for Sustainability


SAP's solutions for sustainability holistically manage risks and opportunities for improved profitability. Today, the current business climate has evolved into an environment where:

  • Regulations on the local, regional, and global level are proliferating
  • Brand reputation, market share, and even market valuation depend on company achievement of sustainability objectives
  • Energy and natural resource efficiency is more important now than ever before

As a continuation of our commitment to sustainability, SAP is collaborating and co-innovating with our ecosystem of customers, partners and stakeholders to expand the reach and impact of business solutions for sustainability to companies worldwide.

SAP solutions for sustainability

Whether starting a sustainability plan or adjusting a strategy that is already in place, sustainability requires businesses to reconsider their practices and consider a whole new set of risks and opportunities concerning socio-economic, environmental, safety, and health issues. SAP can make it easy to holistically manage your sustainability strategy and achieve new levels of business excellence.

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