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SAP ERP Human Capital Management (HR) includes functionality for talent management processes -- so you can attract, acquire, educate, and develop talent; identify and grow future leaders; and align and motivate talent with corporate objective and workforce process management, so that you can streamline and integrate essential processes such as employee administration, organizational management, time management, benefits, payroll, and legal reporting. Courses in this curriculum will help you optimize key processes, including:

Personnel Development - Supports activities such as qualifications, profiles, succession planning, and development planning

Recruitment and e-recruitment - Supports requisition creation, publications, postings, and templates for candidate search and processing

Organizational Management - Enables creation, modification, and reporting on the organizational structure

Enterprise Compensation Management - Supports compensation administration and long-term incentive awards

Training and events - Supports the administration of courses and curricula, resources required, creation of materials via the authoring environment, and testing

Reporting - Supports human resources reporting methods and set-up, including ad hoc query, SAP query and standard reports, and HR-specific programming techniques

Workforce Proces Management

Talent Management

SAP Shared Service Framework (SAP SSF) for HCM