SAP E-Learning Subscriptions


Ongoing professional education takes many forms, from global conferences to on-site consulting and everything in between. For many situations, online education can be the ideal solution - offering training that is immediate, focused, and readily available from each employee's desktop.

With SAP® e-learning courses, employees spend less time away from the office versus a typical off-site classroom environment. Training can also be timelier, available just before a new deployment or the new release of an existing solution.

An SAP e-learning subscription offers a unique way for learners to access one of four different libraries of online courses for 12 months at a single price. New courses or new versions of existing courses are incorporated into the libraries as they are released - giving learners access to the additional titles for the remainder of their subscription periods.

No matter what library suits your needs best, subscription based eLearning can deliver long term value for your organization through ease of access, ongoing availability and content specific to your training needs.

SAP Education have released an entirely revised set of e-learning subscription libraries. They contain between 25-35 interactive e-learning courses in each library that are based on SAP Education's high-quality classroom training. Below are the revised e-learning subscriptions that were released in March 2013 - please note that more e-learning courses will be added to these during the coming months to maximise the value of your subscription:

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