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Is there an Activation Code Report on the web shop?

Yes.  To view Activation Code report Logon to web shop with Buyer account select My Account and select My Activation Codes report.  

You are able to generate six (6) different Activation Code reports.  And every report has search functionality some of the search options are report specific: Activation Code Sales Order User Course and From date range. 

1. Activation Code Enrolment Report - This report displays the enrollment data for a specified date range user or course.

2. Activation Code Subscription Status - This report displays the subscriptions and subscription information for this Activation Code - it can be used to identify subscriptions that are about to expire those at full capacity and those with available places.

3. Activation Code Subscription Specific Report – This report displays enrollment data for particular Activation Code that has a specific subscription directly associated with it.

4. Activation Code User Report - This report displays the list of users for the selected Activation Code

5. Training Popularity Report - This report lists all training courses taken and the number of corresponding completions for an Activation Code within a specific date range.

6. Individual Training Usage - Create a list of individual users within the specified Activation Code with the number of courses they have started and the number of courses completed.

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