Do you use the same instructors for SAP Live Class as for the traditional classroom?

Yes, the instructors you see in the training centers are the same experts who deliver SAP Live Class.

How do I prepare for SAP Live Class?

You will receive full instructions when you sign up for a class. But there is no reason you can’t get started now and install the software to make sure it all works for you.
To set up and test the classroom software (Zoom), click here:

For most of the courses, you will be able to set up your connection using the One-click option, but for some cases, you will also need to use Citrix or a combination of both. In the below links, you will find the detailed step-by-step guides for all scenarios.

With SAP Live Class, do I receive the same course manual as I would have in the traditional classroom, and if so, how do I receive this?

The course manuals used in SAP Live Class are the same as those used in the traditional classroom, but in electronic format.  Several days before class starts, we send you a link to download the course materials as well as further course details.

Does SAP Live Class run in real-time?

SAP Live Class is delivered over an internet connection, but it is just like a traditional class where the instructor delivers lectures, demos and you work on exercises all in real-time. You will need to join the class at the required start time each day and be present throughout. You will be given breaks at appropriate times.

For SAP Live Class, do I really need a headset with built in mic or can I use my laptop speakers and mic?

A headset with a built-in mic is essential for SAP Live Class so that you have the best audio experience for yourself, and also to ensure your background noises do not affect the rest of the class.

Do I need a web cam for SAP Live Class?

Yes, the webcam is essential so that all students and instructors have a face-to-face experience, just like in a traditional classroom.

Do I need a phone line for SAP Live Class?

Although SAP Live Class provides a dial-in audio option to use your phone, we recommend that you use the VOIP option for a simpler, high-quality experience.

Is Voice Over IP (VOIP) supported with SAP Live Class?

VOIP is supported as well as a regular telephone dial-in. SAP always recommends using the VOIP option for a great combined audio/video experience, but the dial-in option is a good backup if you encounter any issues with VOIP, or you had to leave class and wanted to continue to participate using only audio.