What is SAP Live Access?

SAP Live Access provides access to live, fully configured SAP training systems to carry out exercises from within the training content, and experiment beyond. Subscribers to SAP Learning Hub can subscribe to SAP Live Access for hands-on practice in a live, fully supported training environment. In some editions of SAP Learning Hub, a set number of hours is already included in the subscription. For more information on SAP Live Access, you can visit this page.

For technical requirements and guidance, you can visit the General User Guide.

How can I purchase SAP Live Access?

To use SAP Live Access training systems, contingents can be purchased for immediate use in the Training and Certification Shop at any time or bulk purchases can be made by contacting your local SAP Education representative.

Purchasing a single contingent allows you to start right away, and with a bulk purchase, you will receive an Activation Code that first needs to be redeemed. A contingent can be used during its validity for more than one training system, but not at the same time.

NOTE: You must be an SAP Learning Hub subscriber to purchase SAP Live Access.

What are the prerequisites for using SAP Live Access?

Before starting your work in a training system within SAP Live Access, you should:

  • Have a contingent available in SAP Live Access portal
  • Have a training handbook or an e-book for the desired course
  • Use the HTML5 compatible web browser
  • Configure your web browser by enabling cookies, pop-ups, and frame usageĀ 
  • Ensure sufficient network connection from your hosting location by visiting https://access.sap.com/AccessPortal/cct/speedtest.html and conducting a performance test
  • Enroll in a course-specific SAP Learning Room (optional, recommended)