What are SAP Learning Rooms?

SAP Learning Rooms are a unique social learning feature of SAP Learning Hub. The rooms are interactive virtual spaces where learners can address questions to knowledgeable SAP experts and collaborate with fellow peers. Learners can benefit from online access to high-quality content, live sessions, self-paced study, and social networking opportunities. For more information on SAP Learning Rooms, you can visit this information sheet.

Where can I purchase access to a SAP Learning Room on the shop?

Access to SAP Learning Rooms cannot be purchased individually from the shop. They are part of an SAP Learning Hub subscription. Learners can register for scheduled Online Learning Rooms inside the SAP Learning Hub as part of their SAP Learning Hub subscription.

Are SAP Learning Hub learning rooms scheduled or are they available 24x7?

SAP Learning Hub learning rooms are available 24x7 to SAP Learning Room customer partner or enterprise edition subscribers.

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