SAP Learning Hub is a digital learning solution that supports learners to build and maintain SAP software skills. It provides online, collaborative, hands-on, and expert-led training to upskill across the SAP solution portfolio. Learners have access to all enablement content needed to prepare for an SAP Certification and stay current with their skills. SAP Learning Hub offers multiple editions for subscription, tailored for specific roles and enablement needs. Visit this page to learn more.

Regardless of role or skill level, SAP Learning Hub offers the enablement learners need to build and maintain their SAP software skills. Learners can benefit from digital training across the SAP portfolio to drive career growth, improve performance and empower innovation. 

With SAP Learning Hub, learners can get the enablement they need, anytime, anywhere in the style and format that works best for them. For an overview of SAP Learning Hub, you can take a look at this video.

SAP Learning Hub, discovery edition provides 14 days’ free access to preview the content of selected learning items and elements to help discover, explore, and evaluate SAP Learning Hub. You can register for free and discover SAP Learning Hub here

SAP Learning Hub is available for both public and private cloud versions. The public cloud version brings to each learner a set of learning management capabilities for managing educational content. Learners can filter courses by delivery type, solution area, and difficulty level and track the course completion and progress.

The private cloud version* of SAP Learning Hub includes additional management tools for a more personalized experience, such as:

  • Customization of selected user interfaces using customer-specific logo, colors, and background 
  • Access to learning analytics and selected learning management functionalities for reporting and administration roles
  • Upload of customer-specific learning content (up to 50 titles)
  • Creation of a private SAP Learning Room

* Access to the private cloud version requires a minimum subscription of 100 users.

Access will be provided approximately two business days after the purchase is complete. You will receive an email upon order confirmation with access instructions. 

Once an order has been completed, you will receive a booking confirmation letter. Refer to How-to-access-and-use-sap-training-subscriptions for more information. 

For any technical questions about SAP Learning Hub, please visit the SAP Learning Hub help center.

Join us for upcoming sessions and learn more about how to get started using SAP Learning Hub. The sessions are delivered in English or Local Languages as you prefer. Sessions fill up quickly, so please reserve your space soon.




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