• Please ensure that the computer used by the student is ready for the class by checking this quick guide.
  • You will need a web cam, and for the best audio experience, a headset with built-in mic.
  • Please test Zoom with your web camera and audio using instructions available in the Zoom help centre. In case of technical problems, please contact the Zoom support team.
  • Approximately 5 working days prior to the course start you will receive a ‘Virtual classroom details’ e-mail from SAP with:
    • Zoom meeting details
    • Link to training materials

Please contact your local SAP Training and Adoption office.The details can be found in your booking confirmation or at the bottom of this page

Please refer to the email you will receive from SAP approximately 5 business days prior to the start that contains the course start date and time. If you need to convert the time in the email to your local time, you can use the online converter

Zoom is supported by mobile devices (tablets, smart phones). These can provide a temporary solution for you to stay fully connected. However, a laptop/PC should be used to access all the classroom features. 

Please doublecheck the meeting details sent by SAP prior to the course start, especially the course start time (which might be in a different time zone). You should also check if you are using the Zoom meeting link provided specifically for your class (each class has a unique Zoom link generated).

If the course has not yet officially started, please wait for the instructor to admit you to the class. 

If the class has already officially started and you have not been admitted to the class yet, please contact the respective SAP Training and Adoption office (see Contact section at the bottom of this page).

The instructor usually joins the class well before it officially begins. If there is no instructor 10 minutes after the start, you can contact the SAP team from whom you received the Zoom meeting details prior to the course start. 

Our public virtual training is delivered using Zoom video conferencing system. 

No, you can join our class without a personal Zoom license/account.

To use Zoom, you do not need to install the program on your laptop/PC. You can access Zoom through your browser. In that case, use the following instructions:

  • Click the Zoom Meeting link you received from SAP via email before the course start. 
  • Then choose the “Join from your Browser” option on the launch page. 

Note: If you choose to use a browser, then we recommend Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. These browsers offer the best learner experience compared to other browsers.

Please refer to the email you will receive from SAP approximately 5 business days prior to the start that includes login details you should use for a test before the class begins. 

On the first day of the training, the instructor will provide you with personal login details to use during the class. 

Our courses may run as a hybrid class, which means that students will attend the same training at the same time in the classroom or remotely. More information can be found here. All the specifics listed on this FAQ page about the virtual delivery apply also to hybrid events.

If the course is delivered by the same country as an in-person and virtual training, you will find the location of the in-person event on the respective product page (search for the course code), where all available dates in the given country are listed. 

If the virtual training is marked with the Hybrid Delivery icon but you cannot see the in-person option in the chosen country catalogue, please contact the local SAP Training and Adoption office (see Contact section at the bottom of this page).

No, when learners register for a course, they choose how they would like to attend: in-person or remotely.

This choice applies to the entire course duration. Only in exceptional cases, for example, health issues, unexpected travel restrictions, etc. would a change to the attendance option be considered. In that case, a learner should contact the respective SAP Training and Adoption office to request a change to the attendance option for the remainder of the course. Ideally, this should be done prior to the upcoming training day.

Please do not hesitate to contact us prior to the course start to discuss your concerns and we will do our best to support you.

Certificate of attendance in PDF format will be sent to your email address within two weeks from the course end date.

For courses that include exercises, you will always receive a Participant Handbook (which includes the exercises) but also a separate Exercise Book in case you wish to print them for convenience.

For courses that do not include exercises, you will receive a Participant Handbook only.

Not all courses include exercises. Please refer to the previous section. What is included in the training material?

We offer free-of-charge short demo sessions to give you an idea of what to expect. Find available dates here.

If you still have concerns about the effectiveness of the virtual training, watch the bite-sized videos at the bottom of this page.