You only need to pass an Associate exam once, but to maintain your

SAP Certification for a specific SAP solution (SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Ariba, or SAP S/4HANA Cloud), you might be required to pass delta or stay current assessments when a newer version of a solution is released.

Certifications are normally valid for the two most recent solution releases. SAP will notify you about outdated certifications. To learn more, visit the SAP Certification Page.

As new SAP solution releases are introduced, related stay current content and assessment exams will be made available to ensure your skills and expertise remain up-to-date.

Accessible through your SAP Learning Hub subscription, this content includes:

  • “What’s New” content
  • “Top New Features” videos
  • Webinars
  • Focus on support issues and problem-solving
  • Learning assets focused on what/why/how

Content for staying current is covered in Learning Journeys, in the “Stay Current” section. To ask questions and get clarification on concepts to stay current with the latest release, you can also collaborate with other SAP Learning Room participants and instructors in SAP Learning Hub.

Content and assessments are available with every new cloud product release.

You will receive an automatic notification when an assessment is available, and when you need to take it.

If the assessment is not completed within the required timeframe:

  • Your SAP Certification will no longer be valid
  • Your SAP Certification digital badge will expire, and the expiry date will be displayed on the badge
  • You will no longer have provisioning access for future projects (for SAP SuccessFactors solution only)
  • To become re-certified, you will have to pass the latest Associate certification available in Certification Hub

You can take the assessment as often as needed, with unlimited tries until you pass.

Check your digital badge status on Credly. If your digital badge is still valid, it means that you are current. You can also check if your assessment has been completed in Learning Hub > Learning Content by clicking on the Learning History tile.

This could be caused by one of the following reasons:

1. You skipped an assessment to stay current after you passed an SAP Certification exam. In this case, your certification will no longer be valid and your digital badge will show as expired. To find out whether you have passed all assessments to stay current, go to Learning Hub > Learning Content, and click on the Learning History tile. If your certification is no longer valid, you will need to become re-certified by completing the latest associate certification available on Certification Hub.

2. The email address you used to take the assessment to stay current is different than the email address you used when taking an SAP Certification exam. In this case, you will need to transfer your certification to the correct email address by contacting the relevant team:

a. Customers: Contact your local SAP Training and Adoption team. Contact details can be found on this page (lower-left corner).

b. Partners: Send an email to the Partner Service Delivery Team.

c. SAP internal users: Create a ticket (category: digital badge) in the User Support Center.

If the issue still has not been resolved, create a ticket (category: digital badge) in the User Support Center.

The email address under which the SAP Certifications are maintained should be set as the default email address on your Credly profile. This holds true if you have added multiple email addresses to your Credly profile.

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